My bridesmaids and I are still talking about how much fun we had getting ready for our wedding. How often do you get to have all your favourite girls in the one room getting pampered? It was just a treat!

We started the day with homemade granola, fruit and egg and bacon muffins which naturally transcended in to a champagne breakfast. The morning consisted of the cuddling of babies, rotating through hair and make up, practising walking down the aisle with Dad and many, many laughs.

I had a pregnant bridesmaid, one with a six week old, one with a three month old and one who lives in Switzerland. It was really important to me that the girls felt super special but comfortable. 

We got ready at a beautiful AirBnB in Camberwell. There was plenty of room for swanning around in our gorgeous Pomme shirts, sipping champagne and saying, “Can you believe today is The Day?!”. 

We had so many laughs and I will always treasure that morning which set the joy filled tone for our entire day.

Shop the look: Isabelle Dress 

Dress: @OneDayBridal

Bridesmaids dresses: @ForeverNew_official and @Zimmermann

Hair: @HairbyNatalieJaye

Makeup: @cassandralusi_mua and @makeupbydaniellegardiner

Photographer: @Charmainevisuals

Videographer: Chelsea Morely from @TinyDisco

Honeymoon location: We’ve been a bit cheeky and booked two…  Mini Moon in Noosa after the wedding and Major Moon in US/Greece/Italy in 2019.



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