Jamie and I didn't follow tradition and spent the night before together. We woke up and gave each other a gift and a card, and both sat in bed with tears reading them. It was the most romantic start to the day - it is so easy to get swept up in the whirlwind that is a wedding, so sharing that moment together and reminding each other of how special this was to us both was extremely grounding. There was no one there to photograph or film the moment, so it was pure and intimate and certainly one of the most vivid and beautiful memories of the day.

Once Jamie had left, my bridesmaids arrived shortly after. We all got changed into our beautiful cotton matching PJs and sat around having a glass of champagne. We slowly worked through our hair and makeup one by one and kept it very easy and relaxed. It felt completely surreal until I put my veil on, and the magnitude of what was about to happen really sunk in. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotions, but it was certainly a level of elation and happiness that I had never experienced before.

The day continued to grow and exceed all of our expectations - how special it is to be able to get all of the people you love together, to celebrate how much you love each other! If our lives continue to be even a fraction of what we had that day, I know that we will both have a very happy and long marriage.


Photographer: Erin & Tara

Venue: St Paul's Cathedral, Rippon Lea Estate

Dress: Karen Willis Holmes, followed by Rime Arodaky

Headpiece: Custom Stephen Jones

Bridesmaids dresses: Custom Dyspnea

Hair: Zoe Karlis

Makeup:Julie Provis

Videographer: Josue Films

Cake: Torte by Mirjana

Flowers: Prunella

Grooms tuxedo: Isaia from Masons

Rings: Cushla Whiting


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