Perhaps the most hired wedding photographer in Victoria, or at least one of the most loved, Tony Evans is hard to get and we can’t even count the amount of Pomme brides he has shot. Here's our chat with Tony:


What are the most important factors you think should be considered before choosing your wedding photographer?

You want to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page when it comes to how much impact they will have on your day. While the photos are obviously super-important, a real key here is the process that goes into getting those photos. All photographers work somewhere along the spectrum from being completely hands-off and barely speaking to you all day, through to stage-managing every aspect of your day to ensure every image is perfect and there is never a hair out of place. It's a good idea to have a think about where on the spectrum you want your photographer to be.

The other huge thing to consider is that you'll be hanging around them for the whole day, so it helps if they're not a total douche-canoe or likely to fight your Grandma.


What makes the most memorable wedding photos in your opinion?

Interactions between people. I love a good portrait, but the images that I love almost always seem to have more than one person in them, and they are interacting without acknowledging the camera. Photographers get these images by being close to the action, without directing it. One of my favourite times of the day is just after the ceremony when everyone is excited, and often seeing each other for the first time, so there is always all the interactions happening that come together to make some beautiful moments, and they are usually the shots that couples seem to treasure the most.


Do you think it is important to meet with the couple beforehand or is that additional wedding admin that can be skipped?

I never shoot a wedding without at least having a Facetime meeting with the couple. We are all busy people, so sometimes heading out for a beer or coffee for an hour is just not doable, but if you can meet up, it often means you are so much more aligned on the day with what the expectations are, how many fart-jokes there will be, and how relaxed you can get around each other.


Favourite kind of setting or venue to shoot?

I love the bushland around Wye River - it's probably my favourite part of the world, so any chance to get in there is always amazing, but I would never just want to shoot one type of wedding. Part of the appeal of wedding photography to me is that in three weeks I can be in a marquee on a farm, then in a warehouse in Footscray, then a backyard on the coast and each of them can be amazing.


Have you noticed a bigger emphasis on the bride (and groom) getting ready? Is this something that you now need to allocate more time to?

I've always loved the prep photos for both the bride and groom - there's this electric atmosphere of anticipation that's great to be around. One great trend has been for the couple to get ready together, which saves time for me but also makes for some sweet moments, and they are often way more relaxed for the rest of the day.


Any crazy requests you’ve had and brought to life?

I recently had a couple who are both musicians and they wanted to set up a shoot of them playing the drums and guitar in an abandoned train yard during their portraits - they nailed it.


Your guess on what the 2021 wedding season will look like, post-COVID?

Whatever the 2021 season ends up being, there's no doubt that most people have a renewed appreciation for the proximity of those they love. We now feel in our bones how much we just want to be close to our friends and family. I think weddings will end up being smaller, but more intense in feeling, and probably partying. When we're allowed to dance again, there's going to be a lot of pent-up shapes just waiting to bust out - it's going to be unsafe on the D-floors, that's for sure.


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